I am completely obsessed with this woman.  And, until late last week, I had never heard of her.  But someone I follow on Twitter shared a link to a YouTube video featuring Callie Day.  Callie was working as a pharmacy tech at a Lexington, Kentucky Walmart when her amazing singing voice was "discovered."  Check out this video.  And watch for the 1:15 mark when Callie drops her voice a couple of octaves!  It's insane!  And the reactions of the people in the room with her are hilarious.  What an amazing gift!

See what I mean?  Callie Day is an absolute revelation and video of her went viral last year (18 million views and counting).  Here's her story-

Callie no longer works at Walmart, but she is working . . . singing up a storm every weekend at churches around the Commonwealth.

And here's some good news!  Callie is coming to Owensboro.  My friend Latasha Shemwell has arranged for Callie to sing at two church services this summer.  She'll appear at Mount Calvary Baptist Church at the 8:30am and 10:45am services on Sunday, June 25th!

Mount Calvary Baptist is located at 507 Plum Street in Owensboro.

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