Last weekend was an historic one for University of Kentucky athletics and the football team, in particular, after the Wildcats beat Florida for the first time in 32 years.

AND, they did it on the DOUBLE digits!

I've been enjoying it all week.

So, yes, it's very disappointing to see how certain UK fans chose to celebrate this monumental victory.

Whomever they are, they are being sought by Lexington police because the fans in question were SO overcome with exuberance that they FLIPPED A CAR UPSIDE DOWN!

Coupled with the image, burned into my memory, of furniture being set on fire after Kentucky's basketball team won the national title in 2012, it's just disappointing.

Those of us who support UK teams, and Kentucky schools in general, get lumped in  with those who do things like this and then you have, in the minds of non-UK sports fan nationwide, a scenario where ALL Kentucky fans are just considered obnoxious.

It's GREAT to celebrate big victories!

It's NOT great when those celebrations are so disruptive, if not downright dangerous, that arrests are necessary.

Come on!



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