Sometimes someone walks into your life and you know it'll never be the same. It happened this week at the Christmas Wish Office. Here's the beautiful story of an amazing family doing good,

Eyeballerz via Facebook

Johnathan Gray had a passion for cars and people. He loved this community and his wonderful family and friends. His life was tragically cut short two years ago by a drunk driver. It was a blow to all who knew him. He accomplished so much in his short life and continues to inspire. Just imagine what more he could have accomplished.

Eyeballerz was created to keep his legacy alive and help those in need. "Eyeballerz hopes to make a positive impact on our community by using scholarships & benefit fund raising to help those in need, promote the education in skilled trades such as mechanics and welding and raise awareness about drinking and driving."  They came into the Christmas Wish office and adopted 20 families this holiday season which is just so amazing. "We invite everyone to our annual event to help us continue the inspiration sparked by Johnathan’s dream. By joining our team we can pull our efforts and resources together to use this one man’s vision to help others see through difficult times".  Through their car shows and fundraising efforts they donate all year long and impact the communities that Johnathon loved.

It's obvious this young man was loved by his Apollo schoolmates, his family, friends and all who knew him.

Andrew Riley

Oh how I wish I could have met this amazing guy, but he lives on with his family, friends, and the racing community! Heaven did indeed gain an angel.

Audrey Cheyenne Ipock
Audrey Cheyenne Ipock
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