Okay, yes that's a picture of Johnny Depp, I will explain. The woman who will be honored with a life-size statue in the Kentucky Capitol Building in Frankfort this year is a relative of the actor. And, she's a big deal.

Nettie Bayless Courts Depp was born in Barren County. She began her career as a schoolteacher in Scottsville in 1910. Soon she would become a women's rights advocate and in 1913, after the Kentucky School Suffrage Law was enacted, Depp ran for Barren County School Superintendent and she won becoming the first female superintendent in the county, seven years before women all over the country had the right to vote.

Not only did she add music, art, and business to the school curriculum, she established the county's first four-year public high school. During her term, Depp fined several families for not sending their children to school. She would serve as a principal during her term at Cave City School. Depp finished her teaching career back in Scottsville where she taught from 1923 until 1931. She passed away from breast cancer at age 92 in 1932.

In 2013, Depp was honored with a Kentucky historical marker at the Barren County Courhouse. Depp's great-great niece and sculptor Amanda Matthews came up with the idea of a statue of the educator at the Capitol. Here, she talks about why Depp should be honored.

Up until now, the only metal work honoring a woman in the Kentucky Capitol is a plaque of Thelma Stovall, the state's first elected female lieutenant governor. The bronze statue will be funded by private donations.

Oh and by the way, Johnny Depp is Nettie's great-great nephew.

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