When I was a kid, I had a couple of favorite board games.  My all-time favorite board game, hands down, no debate, is Mouse Trap.  Honestly, if I still had the game, I would probably still play it.  LOL. But a close second to Mouse Trap was the game Candy Land.  Let's be real!  Every kid dreams of a magical land where everything is made of candy.  Well, thanks to Food Network, that magical land will become a reality this Sunday night.  The network has created a game show based on the classic board game.  Here's a sneak preview!

According to the official teaser trailer for the show, "Everything on the set is edible."  Okay, that sounds heavenly and delicious enough.  However, it gets even better!  Five teams of professional bakers and "sugar artists" will travel through a real-life version of Candy Land and compete in culinary challenges inspired by the Hasbro board game.

And, yes!  That life-sized set will feature beloved (and tasty) Candy Land territories like Lollipop Woods, Gumdrop Mountains, the Chocolate Swamp and more.

The grand champions will be be the first team to make it all the way to King Kandy's Castle.  Their reward for doing so?  $25,000!!

Candy Land, hosted by Kristen Chenoweth, debuts Sunday evening, November 15th at 8pm CST.

For more information about the show, check out the official Candy Land show page at FoodNetwork.com.

I am definitely going to be watching and reliving my childhood.  We actually created a life-sized Candy Land display one year for Trail of Treats back when it was held at Moreland Park.  I must confess!  I pretty much rocked it as Lord Licorice.  LOL!

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