After the story ran of my meeting Linda Ronstadt in Louisville I received an intriguing email from WBKR listener Glenn Hodges.  He took notice of the date of my Ronstadt encounter and recalled attending a concert which turned out to be that same year. Glenn wrote, “I attended her concert at Mesker Amphitheater at Evansville in either 1969 or 1970, but couldn't remember exactly when. So (based upon Moon’s story) I concluded it had to be the summer of 1970. I went to the Evansville Library … and looked at the microfilms of the Courier and Press newspapers of July and August. I found out immediately that Ronstadt opened for Arlo Guthrie on Saturday night, July 11, 1970. There was no review of the concert but reporter Susan Baum interviewed Guthrie before the show and her story appeared in the afternoon edition of the Press on Monday July 13.  Baum wrote nothing about Ronstadt, only mentioning that she performed before Guthrie.  My recollection is that Bernie Leadon, Don Henley, Glenn ROCK 'N ROLL IRONYFrey and Randy Meisner (the original Eagles) were Linda's band that night. Do you remember them performing with Ronstadt at the Guthrie concert in Louisville”?


Wow, how snappy is that. Headliner, 1970 – Arlo Guthrie - Opening act and band Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles!

I told Glenn, “I bet they did back her. Of course, I was so mesmerized by her I paid no heed to her band members. I do know I went to see them at Freedom Hall with my daughters Jeannia and Rene, in 1977. I bet THOSE tickets cost a lot more.  As a sideline, I just read the other day that Linda's cousin, Susan Ronstadt, was the inspiration for Jimmy Webb's "MacArthur Park". Webb and Ronstadt (Susan) dated in those days in Southern California.

 “Life -- full of irony”, Moon Mullins, 2013.


And, finally from Glenn, his answer back to me.

“Of course, on the night of the concert in 1970, I didn't know the identity of Linda's band. I learned that much later as Ronstadt and the Eagles became famous in the mid 1970s. All I really remember about her band that night  they were four white guys with long hair and mustaches, one of them had a bushy afro, which I thought was unusual. I think that could have been Don Henley. Like you, I was fascinated with Linda; she was a beautiful, sexy young woman. I may have left after she finished her part of the show, because I don't remember anything about Arlo Guthrie. By the way, ticket prices for that concert, and several others in Evansville that year, were $3.50, $4.50 and $5 or $6. It's amazing when you compare those prices with today's concert tickets”.

Glenn, after I got back to my seat, my wife and friends gave me heck over being back there. If we stayed for Arlo, I remember nothing of it.


Here is Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles from 1970.

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Pictures are David Lindley, Don Henley, Don Felder, Linda Ronstadt, Glenn Frey, Govenor Jerry Brown (her boyfriend of many years), Randy Meisner, Jackson Browne


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