Apollo High School has been a part of Owensboro, Ky for many years, but many do not know the history of this great school.

Apollo first opened it's doors in 1969 but did start out as a high school rather a junior high  or middle school. It was not until 1972 that Apollo transformed into the high school that it is today. While the school has undergone major transformations over the years it still holds the same 'Eagle Family' feeling as it has in the past.

Apollo High School was actually named after the Apollo Space Program and has adopted some characteristics that follow the space program. The former school paper was named The Challenger and today homeroom time is essentially called "Mission Possible Time." Also, the Latin school motto translates to "We Come In Peace." Even the shape of Apollo High is modeled after a space station.

As the Apollo legacy continues today, it has housed some notable alumni. After high school, Rex Chapman went to play basketball for the University of Kentucky which resulted in his career in to NBA. While in the NBA he appeared on the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Bullets, Miami Heat, and the Phoenix Suns. Brad Wilkerson, former player in the MLB also spent his high school years at Apollo. In the MLB, Wilkerson played on six different teams, but was first drafted to the Montreal Expos. Former NASCAR driver, Michael Waltrip, also attended Apollo High School. He went on to win the 2001 and 2003 Daytona 500 along with many other great achievements.

One thing many listeners and readers don't know is that Angel actually went to Apollo High School and that she started a great food fight her sophomore year on the last day of school. While she walked away without any repercussions, about 15 of her classmates had to come back to school during the summer and serve their time for suspension.

As a student who will be leaving Apollo in a few short months, I will miss many things about AHS. Some of my favorite memories are attending countless school dances, cheering on my school at different sporting events while dressed in various themes, and all of the memories, friends, and relationships I have made, which have helped me grow into the person I am today. I am thankful for the past four years at Apollo.

Camron Blandford
Camron Blandford

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