Just in time for the height of March Madness, Owensboro artist Rex Robinson has  unveiled a new print that is going to excite fans of UK Wildcat basketball.  While it excites basketball fans who bleed blue, it may boil the blood University of Louisville Cardinal fans.  The print, titled "Game Over", depicts a wildcat devouring a big red bird.  Check this out!

To get your version of this limited edition print (only 999 of them are available), you can become a member of the Cat Bird Society.  Each print is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, a full-color description of your print, an artist bio of Rex Robinson and the exclusive right of refusal for the second print in the collection, which will be called "Death of a Devil."

I ran into Rex last Thursday at the Chamber Works Expo at the Owensboro Convention Center.  He was displaying the original "Game Over".  I will confess . . . it's gorgeous.  However, as a proud graduate of the University of Louisville, I gave Rex a crap ton of grief over his painting.

That said, I realize that I am firmly planted in the middle of Cat Country!  And UK wildcat fans, thrilled that their Cats have plowed into the NCAA Sweet Sixteen this season, are going to love this painting.  In Rex's words, "There's no accurate way to depict a bird eating a cat."

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