I absolutely love stories like this.  Heather Howard and her young son Case were listening to the WBKR St. Jude Radiothon a couple of weeks ago.  Heather was surprised when Case started asking questions that indicated he understood a lot of what he was hearing.  He asked, "Mama, St. Jude's a hospital? Those kids get sick?"  Heather started answering and Case's questions started rolling even more.  "They lose their hair when they have cancer? Where this hospital at? How old are those kids? Who takes them there? They get better soon?"  Heather did her very best to answer the questions and her answers, which included an explanation of how people donate to and raise money for the patients of St. Jude, inspired Case to finally say, "I give them money too."  And, now, this young man has launched a campaign to raise money and given them money too!

And Case doesn't just have one fundraiser.  He and his family have created four different ways to donate.  Take a look--->



If you'd like to donate money to Case's St. Jude fundraiser, CLICK HERE!

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