I have said it before and I will say it again "we just need more nice, kind hearted people in the world."  Have you ever visited The Creme Coffee Shop in Downtown Owensboro? If you have you may have noticed the creative way they allow customers to pay it forward.

I spotted this fun framed art to the right of the register and asked what it was.  The girl behind the counter told me it's called the "Share The Love" board where customers can purchase whatever type of drink or item off the menu they want, write it on a cup sleeve or card and clip it there for someone else to use later!  Some have inspirational quotes, others just offer a cup of coffee or pastry item to someone needing it.

The coffee shop has a very cozy, comforting feel to it when you walk in.  I have met friends their just to hide in a corner and catch up without interruptions.

And my kids love to get a smoothie after a hot afternoon playing at Smothers or a pastry just because!  They have tons of yummy menu items to choose from.

Great coffee and delicious goodies aside, I love this place simply because they are encouraging others to be nice to one another!