Brendan Stewart, a.k.a. Wicked Curls, has done it again.  Last month, he attended a Road to BuildaBEAST dance workshop in Chicago, where he learned routines from renowned choreographers from New York, Los Angeles and more.  And you won't believe what happened when the workshop ended!

Photo courtesy of Krystal Rowan/Facebook
Photo courtesy of Krystal Rowan/Facebook

Brendan participated in the Road to Buildebeast on Saturday, February 17th.  At the end of the day, the team of choreographers offered three different scholarships to participants.  The first scholarship was a 50% scholarship for the Buildabeast experience.  The second was a scholarship to attend the rest of the Road to Buildabeast events for the year.  The final scholarship presented was a 100% scholarship to the Buildabeast Experience in Los Angeles, California.  And Wicked Curls won it!!.  And, now, he is L.A. bound!

Brendan will head to California June 21st through the 24th and will participate in the BuildaBEAST Experience.  There will be world famous choreographers on hand, dance shows, dance competitions with cash prizes and more.

Obviously, it's an amazing opportunity for an amazing young man.  I suppose we say it's wicked!

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