The first game of the world series kicked off last night and a familiar face for many Owensboro peeps was parked behind home plate.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Larry Vanover from Owensboro has had a 24-year career in the Major leagues as an umpire.  He received the call just a few weeks ago that he would be umpiring this year's World Series.

I have to brag and say I heard the news first!  Larry's wife, Dianne, is a dear friend and attends my Sunday evening bible study and she told us when she found out and made us keep the secret!

Larry's career includes (according to Wikipedia)1999 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, 2003 National League Championship Series, 2006 American League Division Series, 2007 National League Championship Series, 2011 American League Championship Series, 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, 2013 American League Division Series, and the San Juan, Puerto Rico round of the 2009 World Baseball Classic.  Larry was also home plate umpire for Derek Jeter's final game.

When Larry is not on the field he makes his place here in Owensboro with his wife, Dianne, and twin sons, Austin and Tyler.

Way to make Owensboro proud Larry!