For those of us that like to get lost in the stars from time to time, the month of March promises something beautiful and awe-inspiring.

The Stars Make Me Feel Small

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the stars. There is something magical about being able to look at the night sky and see the twinkle of light from stars and planets that are literally light-years away from Earth. Looking up at the stars always makes me feel small and insignificant... not in a negative way, but more in the "there is so much more in existence than whatever problems or troubles I may be facing at this moment" kind of small. It is comforting to me. My partner and I take regular road trips out away from the light pollution of the city to just stop, breathe, and look at the stars.

Something Special in the Night Sky this Month

For those that also enjoy looking to the sky like I do, you are in for something special this month. According to Thrillest, for several days later this month, we will be able to look up and see five planets arranged in an arcing alignment across the sky. The best day to view the celestial event will be on Tuesday, March 28th.

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These Five Planets Are Aligning

As we get closer to the day of optimum viewing, the five planets will be moving into view. We will be able to look up to the sky and see Mercury, Venus, and Mars, as well as Jupiter, and Uranus. While you will likely be able to view Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter with your naked eye, you may need a pair of quality binoculars to catch a look at Uranus.


A Few Stargazing Tips

You will want to find someplace away from the lights of the city. You also will want to make sure that wherever you go that you aren't trespassing either. Public parks, nature preserves, and wildlife areas are great places to go but double-check for posted hours before you visit. Obvoiously, the darker the area you're in, the better. It can take nearly 20 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust to the dark, allowing you to see the night sky more clearly, according to Be sure you allow yourself time to acclimate to the dark and avoid other light sources like phones or flashlights.

[Source: Thrillest]

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