I envy People Magazine. They're in a position to SPEND time with Loretta Lynn and let her bend their ears with all kinds of great stories about her life and legendary career.

I would LOVE that.

For example, she recently shared some great memories about Patsy Cline and George Jones with the publication--about her close friendship with Cline and about her purchasing Jones' old tour bus and one particular problem that came with it.

She also talked about working with Willie Nelson.

Lynn recently recorded a duet with her fellow icon for her latest album, Full Circle.

And, naturally, Nelson's trademark "pastime" came up in conversation.

Loretta was quick to point out that "there's a lot of people doing a lot worse."

And then...she admitted to trying it herself.

At 84, the Queen of Country Music has been diagnosed with glaucoma and was prescribed marijuana to relieve pressure.

And she didn't like it!

In fact, she said that glaucoma was just going to have to take over!


(And I hope you clicked the link above to get the rest of her assessment.)

What an invaluable human being.

To call Loretta Lynn an icon doesn't sound like enough, does it?

Maybe living legend, but that doesn't cut it either.

Still recording. Still touring. Still incredibly funny and in great spirits despite everything that's happened in her lifetime.

84 years YOUNG is what I say!