Did someone say Flea Market? Huge? Free admission? Sign me up! A popular sale returns to Kentucky next month bigger and better than ever. They tout being a Louisville tradition for over 50 years and it's true. I used to go when I was in college at UofL and it's definitely worth the trip. One year, my friends and I went and took snacks with us because we knew we'd be there all day.

Mats Hagwall via Unsplash
Mats Hagwall via Unsplash

Shop Hundreds of Booths at Massive Kentucky Flea Market

The Kentucky Flea Market Spring Fling has over 500 booths of antiques, collectibles, electronics, new and vintage clothing and accessories, art, crafts and so much more. There really is a good mix of newer interesting products and plenty of treasure hunting for those of us who love a nostalgic find or searching through bins of old trinkets. It was voted one of the Top 10 Flea Markets in the United States for a reason!

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Great Deals at Overstock Sale

They also have non-perishable groceries, cleaning products, and hygiene items for incredible deals in their $5 & Under Overstock Sale. It's a good place to stock up on things like that for the year.

When and Where is The Kentucky Flea Market Spring Fling

Best of all, admission is free and parking is a pretty good deal too. You pay $12 to park and get $6 back with proof of purchasing something at the sale. The Kentucky Flea Market Spring Fling is February 23rd from 10-6, 24th from 10-6, and 25th from 11-5, 2024 at the Kentucky Expo Center South Wing, 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209. Visit www.kentuckyfleamarket.com for more information.

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