If you tune into the WBKR morning show, you likely know that fire is my absolute biggest fear.  When I was a kid, fire broke out in my grandparent's house during our Christmas Eve celebration.  There was a fire in the attic and it didn't take long for the fire to spread and the smoke to blow down into the living room where we having dinner and exchanging gifts.  I still remember that night like it was yesterday and it was nearly forty years ago.  To this day, I am obsessed with fire safety- smoke detectors, fire escapes, etc.

Well, Lowe's here in Owensboro is promoting fire safety and awareness with a special event this weekend.

Gypsee Southern/Lowe's
Gypsee Southern/Lowe's

October is Fire Safety Awareness Month and Lowe's is jumping on the bandwagon with Fire Safety Day this Saturday.  In addition to hosting a clinic on how to properly install fire alarms, the first 50 kids in attendance get to participate in a free workshop that allows them to build a fire truck.  Plus, local firefighters will be on hand as well.

Fire Safety Day officially gets underway at 10am CST on Saturday, October 12th.



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