There's a Mac and Cheese Festival coming to Louisville and I want to know how you navigate one of these things. More to the point, how does your STOMACH?

I have seen multiple macaroni and cheese recipes. There isn't one of them I'd shove away from me at the table.

SPOILER ALERT: I love macaroni and cheese.

It's the first time Louisville will be hosting a Mac and Cheese Festival and it's all set for September 21st and 22nd at Fourth Street Live.

I would suggest not eating for a couple of days before hitting this particular festival.

There will be 40 varieties of the world's greatest comfort food for you to choose from.

My question is, "How in the world do you do something like that?" I'm thinking you get single bites of all 40 varieties.

Then, of course, you'll invariably hit more than one type that you'll desperately want more of, so I don't know what to tell you.

I do know that there will also be a craft beer garden, which sounds like the perfect compliment.

WLKY/Louisville also says there will be a "cheese fry bar." I have no idea what that is but I'd be all over it.

Live music, an ax throwing, and "all you can eat" hours (oh, good grief, look out) are also part of the festivities.

Louisville is hosting its first ever Mac and Cheese Festival.

I bet it won't be the last.


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