Sound the trumpets! The best three weekends in sports have arrived! It is the NCAA Basketball Tournament! You'll have to forgive the apoplexy; I do this every year. Let the Golden Eagles and the Blackbirds fly! Get your Boilers Made and your Heels Tarred! March Madness is here!!!!!

As you may have learned, I am to college basketball what Moon Mullins is to baseball. He counts the days til Opening Day; I count 'em til Selection Sunday. And the selections have been made and we are underway. I've already made my picks--I think the Kansas Jayhawks will fly out of Houston with their second trophy in four years and fourth overall. But the casual fan might approach the Tournament differently. And if you aARE a casual fan and you're participating in an office pool, I have a tip for you. First,  I consider North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, UCLA, and Indiana to be the Big Six programs, in terms of basketball tradition. And since 1986, at least one of those schools has been in EVERY Final Four. This year, Indiana didn't make the cut, and UCLA doesn't have the horses to go very deep. So that leaves four teams. And history nearly guarantees that one or more of those remaining teams will make the final weekend. Ah, the Final Weekend. It's the Great Unknown. 64 teams are left. One of them will win 6 games in a row and cut down the nets. It's been an unpredictable year and this oughta be good. So let's get started.