And here I thought it was just a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. I had no idea the wind was kicking up something furious just one county away.

Dust Devils -- Very Impressive and Far More Welcome Than Big Brother Tornado

I have driven across the Midwest and been OUT west more times than you can shake a stick at, so I've seen some pretty impressive dust devils. And yes, as a child I thought some of them were tornadoes. That's what they always looked like, just on a smaller scale. However, they don't all happen just in the western or midwestern United States. This one was caught in Michigan:

Ohio County KY Farmer Captures Enormous Dust Devil on Camera

And you can't count Kentucky as a midwestern state either, but that doesn't mean we can't get gigantic dust devils like that one. Our good friend Farmer Luttrell, who lives in Ohio County, was at the right place at the right time and got video of THIS beast:

How Do Dust Devils Form?

Now, wouldn't that make your blood run cold if you saw something like that? Some might wonder just HOW something like that can form on a perfect day. Well, you don't need bad weather to get a dust devil that impressive, as The Weather Channel explains:

If you're wondering why Luttrell's dust devil--which lasted about two minutes--is so black, I have the answer. Farmer told me that they'd been burning off the corn field and that there was still a lot of soot left over from the burn. That's how you get such an ominous-looking dust devil.

It's also how you get a LOT of views on social media. I know I can't quitting looking at it.

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