The world's most popular fast food restaurant is making a huge change. McDonald's is doing away with frozen patties and they are going to make fresh beef hamburgers in the near future. 

I remember what is now about 30 years ago when McDonald's offered the Mc D.L.T. The quarter pound patty was in a separate compartment from the cold dressings, the lettuce, tomato and so on.

George Costanza? Yeah, the cheese was on the cool side, which doesn't make any sense. As I recall, it was delicious as was this short-lived burger:

When I was a freshman in high school, I ate several of these "91 percent fat-free" sandwiches and while they tasted a little weird they were good. And all this time, it was frozen beef.

McDonald's is currently testing the fresh beef approach in Texas and Oklahoma. How will it taste? And, how long will it take to cook? I'm game.

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