Prepare for your heart to melt into a ball.  A big fur ball!  Meet Reese and Baby Rascal.  They are rescued cats that belong to my longtime friend Lana McLimore.  Lana shared some photos of her fur babies on Facebook this week.  It's quite evident they have formed quite a bond.  They're cuddlers.  Big time!

Reece and Baby Rascal: Best Friends Forever

While it looks like Reese and Baby Rascal are possibly related, but they're not.  In fact, according to Lana, they're actually two years apart and there's absolutely no relation at all.  Lana thinks they may be bonded by their coloring.  And, I have to say, they really do look like they could be from the same litter.  But, the only connection as far as that goes is they share a litter box.  That said, the two do share very similar rescue stories.

We'll start with Reese.

Lana and her son, Marcus, were on their way back to Lexington from Owensboro (loaded up with some Old Hickory) back in October of 2017.  They rolled through the Dairy Queen in Versailles to get a Blizzard.  When they did, she and Marcus thought they heard a baby kitten.   They drove back around and found a kitten hiding under a storage shed behind the DQ.  Marcus had the brilliant idea of using some Old Hickory mutton to lure the kitten out.  It worked like a charm.  For the record, it would for me too.  Marcus picked the kitten up and it instantly started purring.  Immediately, the cat had a new home and a new name- Lizzie (named after the Blizzard, of course).  However, the next day, "Lizzie" went to the vet and Lana and Marcus learned that she was a he.  So, Lizzie became Reese (since the Blizzard was a Reese's Cup Blizzard).

Now, for Reese's buddy, Rascal.

In June, Marcus called Lana from his dad's place in Richmond.  Like before, he was out driving and thought he heard a cat screaming.  He pulled over and found a big dog with a kitten in its mouth.  He managed to rescue the cat and eventually convinced his mom to take in another cat.  It didn't take much convincing and she did.  Her boyfriend commented that the new cat was just "a little rascal" and that was it.  His name was officially Rascal!

Rascal was about ten weeks old when he was adopted into the household and immediately took to Reese.  Because Reese is young and playful too, they bonded almost instantly.  In Lana's words, "Rascal needed a little bit of parenting and Reese stepped right in."  And now, they spend their days playing, sleeping, hanging with Athena and Jupiter (the other cats in the house) and cracking Lana up.  And, of course, posing for adorable feline photos!

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