If you're a dedicated WBKR listener, it's entirely possible this guy will look familiar to you.  When you hear him talk, his voice is definitely going to ring some bells.

It's so hard to believe, but it was nine years ago that Sam Moore, who was wrapping up his Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University, came to intern at WBKR for the summer.  Sam was an absolute blast and, while he was here, mastered absolutely hysterical impressions of me, Dave Spencer and Barb Birgy.

Well, fast forward to present day.  Sam is now the host of his very own podcast called Blabbin' in the Bluegrass, which just rolled into its second season.  I recently stumbled across an episode and listened in.  It's quintessential Sam and I loved the chance to hear him again.  So, I reached out to find out what inspired him to start Blabbin' on a podcast.

Sam admits he has always had a love for Kentucky.  The podcast gives him (and his listeners) the chance to learn new things about the Commonwealth and make connections with different people from around the state.  Sam says, "I found myself posting random facts about Kentucky and I asked myself, 'What are the chances that I could channel this into a podcast?'" Well, channel it he did.

Sam just published Episode 4 of Season 2.  He has already logged fourteen episodes total and his features cover everything from bourbon to barbecue to wine to unique specialty shops around the Commonwealth.

This morning, Sam returned to WBKR to chat about his love for Blabbin'.


New episodes of Blabbin' in the Bluegrass typically drop on Wednesdays.

By the way, Sam is always looking for fun, new ideas for topics to tackle.  In fact, Sam routinely takes suggestions from listeners via Facebook or the podcast's official email address bluegrassblabbin@gmail.com. New episodes typically drop on Wednesdays. Plus you can access Blabbin' on Google Podcasts and Spotify or you can subscribe by CLICKING HERE!

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