It's important to have good manners.  Just ask Valarie M. Roberts, Kentucky's Etiquette Lady.  Inspired by Mary Poppins, the Etiquette Lady works with children to teach good manners and the confidence and leadership skills that come along with having them.

The Etiquette Lady
The Etiquette Lady

So, just how was the Etiquette Lady born? Well, Valarie was dining with a large group of General Motors representatives in a 4-star restaurant in Las Vegas.  When the waiter approached Valarie's table, he noticed that she had not unfolded her napkin and placed it in her lap.  So, he had to do it for her.  At that moment, Valarie scanned the table and realized that everyone else had already done so.  In her words, "I was mortified."

Because she was determined to learn more about proper etiquette and good manners, Valarie traveled to Washington D.C. where she earned certifications in business, social, and dining etiquette from The Lett Group at Georgetown University.  Since that time, she has morphed into The Etiquette Lady and now spends her time teaching children the art of good manners and the self-empowerment, social ease and grace that comes along with having them.

And you likely have seen The Etiquette Lady in action.  Valarie was the "Mind Your Manners" columnist for the Messenger-Inquirer and her work has been published nationally.  She is the host of the "Manners Matter" segment for DCPS Cable 74 TV here in Owensboro.  She has also appeared on 14 WFIE "Ask the Expert" segments with Mike Blake and has written numerous articles for their website.

Be sure to check out The Good Manners Club with Kentucky's Etiquette Lady.  She is hosting a series of summer camps at the Campbell Club.

The Etiquettekateer Camp is for ages 6 to 12 and will be held June 5th through the 8th, June 12th through the 15th and July 10th through the 13th.

The Empowered Teen Camp is for ages 13 to 16 and will be held July 3rd through the 6th and July 17th through 20th.

For more information, you can call Valarie at 270-570-1776.  Check out The Etiquette Lady's official website! And you follow her on Twitter @etiquetteladi.



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