Remember Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation who had millions of social media followers?  Well, it looks like Owensboro has its very own version.  This is Yoda.  And she spends her days being "grumpy" at East Side Animal Clinic off Hwy 54.

The photo above was taken by Gayla Vanover.  Yoda sleeps on the copier at the vet's office and was quite irritated when Gayla pulled out her phone to take his picture.  This is the look she got from her.  LOL!

According to Gayla, Yoda had two previous owners before she came to live permanently at East Side.  The owners couldn't keep her because Yoda, somehow, manages to get into EVERYTHING!  Prime example . . .

East Side Animal Clinic

In fact, Gayla said when she first came to East Side, she used to peel the lids off all the containers.  Luckily, she has slowed down a bit.  While Yoda doesn't have as much spunk as she used to . . . she definitely is still carrying around the funk.  According to Ashley at East Side, Yoda sort of always has "that look."

And that look!  I told Gayla it looks like Yoda wanted to take the phone out of her hand and throw it across the room.  But, heck.  Let's give the old gal a break.  She's 13 now and clearly needs her beauty sleep.

East Side Animal Clinic

Ashley says Yoda's favorite place to sleep is indeed on top of the copier because it's warm and that's exactly where Gayla found her.

And, hey. I understand this look completely.  That's how I look when someone wakes me up from a nap.  I feel your pain, Yoda!

If you want to see Yoda in person, you will if you visit East Side Animal Clinic at 3148 Alvey Park Drive East in Owensboro.