Being the new emcee of Rooster Booster definitely has its perks.  And, this morning, I found out some exciting news about downtown Owensboro.  We're getting a Mellow Mushroom!

Mayor Ron Payne, during his annual State of the City Address, mentioned various new businesses coming to Owensboro.  One of them is Mellow Mushroom.  According to Mayor Payne, local businessman Terry Woodward has reached an agreement with Mellow Mushroom to occupy part of the Bates Building at 101 W. Second Street.

In case you're not familiar with Mellow Mushroom, check this out.  Here's a recent commercial for the chain!

Here's another!

No word yet on exactly when Mellow Mushroom will set up shop downtown, but we are already excited about its arrival and already HUNGRY!  To get more information about Mellow Mushroom, visit their official website!