The votes are in and our Tasty Two  In the spirit of March Madness, we teamed up with Robert John & Associates and created a contest called Menu Madness and, with your votes, we're having a bracket challenge to determine THE best signature dish from a local restaurant here in the Tristate.  And, like in college basketball, we've broken that bracket into regions. Instead of four though, we have two- western Kentucky and southern Indiana.

The results are in from the latest round of voting (our Flavorful Final 4) and it's now time to reveal our Tasty Two Finals on both sides of the river.

Here are the dishes that have made the semifinals in western Kentucky.

Menu Madness THE TASTY TWO - Kentucky

And here are the Tasty Two dishes from southern Indiana. You can vote for your favorites among these as well.

Menu Madness - Tasty 2 - Indiana

Our Tasty Two voting concludes on Thursday, March 30th. We'll unveil our Kentucky and Indiana champions on Friday, March 31st! Get notified by downloading our app and turning on notifications.
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Then, starting March 31st, those two remaining dishes- the KY champ and the IN champ- will square off in our overtime round!

Monday, April 3rd, the same day of the NCAA National Championship Game, we'll unveil the winner of Menu Madness which will be declared THE best signature dish from a local restaurant here in the Tristate.

Happy voting!

Menu Madness is proudly sponsored by Robert John & Associates.

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