We asked and YOU delivered. We asked you to send us your favorite menu items and signature dishes from locally owned restaurants here in western Kentucky. We're teaming up with our sister stations over at Townsquare Media Evansville for a fun contest called MENU MADNESS. The goal? To find THE single best menu item in the Tristate!

The nominations are in and we have assembled 32-team brackets on both sides of the river. We have 32 signature dishes competing for your votes over in Indiana. And, here in western Kentucky, we have 32 signature dishes trying to fight their way through the bracket as well.

We thought this would be a fun way to celebrate March. After all, it's basketball season and the National Championship is getting underway. So, we're staging a "championship" of our own.

Menu Madness Kentucky Round 1

So, let's get started! We need YOUR votes and we start with the Round of 32. Take a look at each pairing and pick your favorite of each. The winners will advance to the Sweet and Savory Sixteen. Those winners will advance to the Elite Treat Eight. Those winners will then plow their way into the Flavorful Final Four and those winners will battle it out for the Menu Madness Regional Championship.

Then, in a fun twist, we're having OVERTIME! In "overtime", the Kentucky champion will battle the Indiana champion for the title of Menu Madness Champ and the most delicious bragging rights in the Tristate!

Are you ready to start voting? Here we go, Kentucky!  Here are the dishes competing in the Menu Madness Round of 32.

HAPPY VOTING and be sure to download our app and turn on notifcations so you'll be alerted when new rounds open!

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Menu Madness is proudly sponsored by Robert John & Associates. Injured? Get serious! Get Robert John & Associates.

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