Mindy McCready continues to speak to the press about her recent actions, where she took her son Zander, 5, from her mother and step-father’s Florida home. The grandparents have custody of the boy, but McCready claims she had good reason to yank her son from his living situation.

In a recent chat with ABC News (via NBC’s ‘Today’), McCready, who was found in a closet by authorities over a week ago, said that she removed her son from the home because he was being mentally and physically abused. “Zander was being beaten with a wooden spoon,” McCready stated in the interview. “There are scars on Zander’s back. There are scars on his bottom and legs from the spoon.”

But wooden spoon beatings are not the extent of things that McCready alleges about her mother, Gayle Inge. The troubled 36-year-old singer, who pregnant with twins, said that her mother’s religious beliefs are extreme, too. “My mother believes she is a prophet sent from God. They see people in their home all the time — spirits, demons.”

Inge denies those charges and said that her daughter didn’t consider the possibility of going to jail for her actions. “I don’t believe for one minute she thought that would be the consequence,” Inge said. “There are some underlying problems, and the only time a person really gets help is when they want to help themselves.

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