I spent a couple of hours Sunday morning broadcasting live at Fear Expo Live at the Owensboro Convention Center. Fear Expo is a trade show for haunted house owners and Halloween and scary movie enthusiasts. There's no way I can accurately describe to you how cool (and terrifying) the displays were. I was blown away by the imagination and the craftsmanship, as twisted as they were, of the vendors.

I was also captivated by the vivacious, virus-infected and seemingly possessed MollyZ. See the photo above? Isn't she lovely?

MollyZ is owned by Jose Castro, a Tampa, Florida-based construction guy. He saw video of Molly on YouTube and knew he had to have her. So, he reached out to VFX Creates, which specializes in zombie attack puppets, crate creatures and lunging line puppets, and bought her just before Halloween of 2022.

As soon as Molly Z arrived at her new Florida home, Jose entered her in three different costume contests in the Tampa area. They won all three of them.  As Jose explained, "The prize money paid for her." And, well, she's pretty much been attached to his hip since- literally and figuratively.

MollyZombie2022 has become quite the TikTok star. As of this story, she has over 160K followers and has generated over 1 MILLION likes on the platform.  She's infected AND famous.

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Jose has always loved Halloween and he knew that he and MollyZ could have a lot of fun together and that's certainly been the case.  In addition to hanging out at Clearwater Beach with him in Florida, Molly Z recently went on an MSC Cruise to the Bahamas with Jose. If you're wondering, he packed her inside his suitcase to get her on the ship and, yes, she cleared the security scans.

MollyZ has also been to an NFL game. She went to watch the Bucs take on the Ravens.

Well, horror and haunt fans here in Owensboro were able to meet Molly over the weekend and get a look at her snazzy Spyder.

Chad Benefield
Chad Benefield

Yeah, Molly has her own Spyder and it was on full display in the lobby of the Owensboro Convention Center during Fear Expo Live.

Chad Benefield
Chad Benefield

If you'd like to learn more about Molly Z and check out her social media pages, you should do it.

You can follow her TikTok and watch her hilarious videos by CLICKING HERE! If you'd like to follow her on Facebook as well, you can check out the Molly Zombiee page.

Wherever MollyZ goes, she's a star.  I witness that first-hand over the weekend here in Owensboro. Heck, I was a bit smitten too. Wait.  Ugh.  Wrong way to put that. Maybe I shouldn't use terminology that derives from the word "bite". That may not be the wisest choice around Molly.

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