All my life, growing up in Kentucky, I just assumed that if you wanted to see exotic, non-indigenous animals in the Commonwealth, you'd need to go to the Louisville Zoo.

For the most part, that is absolutely true. But what about the OTHER part? The part where "fish out of water" creatures are popping in locales where we really just don't expect to see them.

I'm looking at you, Lexington.

Lexington KY Has a History of Exotic Roaming Animals

Who remembers the time a buffalo got loose in Lexington in 2021? What about the caiman--it's in the alligator family, and most would think that's what it is--that popped up in a Lexington neighborhood, also in 2021?

"Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the caimans play." Who knew that old chestnut was about Lexington? Obviously, I'm kidding, but, hey, it's happened again.

Capuchin Monkey Discovered on Lexington KY Roadside

A monkey was recently found on the side of the road in Lexington, and now I'm starting to wonder if I really AM kidding.

One of the anchors mentioned that that's probably not a call Lexington police would ever have expected to get, but, as we've already discussed, they're hardly unfamiliar with reports of wild animals on the loose in Fayette County. Maybe they should do a lottery, or at least wild animal bingo. It might take a while, but it would be fun work diversion.

Can or Can You Not Legally Own a Monkey in Kentucky?

You know, while I was under the impression that it was illegal to own a monkey in Kentucky, there might be an exception for Capuchin monkeys like Max. I did a search of "Capuchin monkeys in Kentucky" and found quite a few that were for sale. So, who knows? I'm just glad Max has a good home and is now back IN that home.

And he's not the first Capuchin monkey to make a random appearance in the Commonwealth. A couple of years ago, one showed up on an Owen County man's front porch.

Maybe there's an exception for Capuchin monkeys somewhere that I haven't found. Obviously they make good pets; we have two examples right here in this story.

But what really interests me is this...what exotic animal will show up in Lexington next?

[SOURCE: FOX56-Lexington]

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