I remember talking to someone years ago when I was at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. When I mentioned to them that I was from Owensboro, I was asked, "Oh, isn't that where Moonlite BBQ is?"

Moonlite BBQ has always seemed to stretch beyond the boundaries of Daviess County, in terms of name recognition.

You see, I've had similar conversations since that one.

It's a Southern Thing is the latest example of Moonlite's reach.

Writer Kelly Kazek has written a blog about Moonlite BBQ in which she poses the question (which doubles as the headline), "Is this the world's largest burgoo pot? And what in tarnation is burgoo?"

Frankly, I'd like to know what in tarnation is "tarnation?" But that's a blog for another day.

What we have is another web journalist discovering the wonders of a magnificent stew that we in Owensboro have always known about and, for the most part, always loved.

(Yes, there are those who won't touch the stuff--a topic we covered rather recently.)

In her blog, Kelly also references a USA Today article that details the history of burgoo, to a certain extent.

Congratulations, Moonlite, on another example of your legacy reaching well beyond these barbecue capitol borders.


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