I've planned on doing this for the longest while and since I am down to my final three weeks here at the station, I thought I best get with it and write my series on "Chad's Fears".

You know from listening on a regular basis that Chad is afraid of many things including clowns of course.

Now, I've spent eight of my nine years here doing the morning show with Chad. I hear about these fears about every day. To be fair, they are not all fears. Let's call them eccentricities.



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Did you know he is also afraid of fire? Now, that is not abnormal. Who wouldn't be? "I hate fire... hate it."  Why Chad. "Can't tell you. I have smoke detectors in every room in my house. I obsess on leaving appliances and chargers plugged in at home."


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A "live" Christmas tree. "It's because of the fire hazard." Artificial ones are okay. No fore hazard. No, it is not so bad that if you have one in your home he won't go in.


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The late singer-songwriter has frightened Chad since was a wee lad. Why? "He looks terrifying with the sun glasses. He looks like he would circle an elementary school in a white van." Orbison is not the only rock singer Chad fears.


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"Oooh, I hate him. He just gives me the creeps." Recently I interviewed Noone about his appearance in Owensboro. I did not tell him why it was just me interviewing him.


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"There's no way I'd put that stuff in my eyes."  Thank goodness he doesn't have a dry-eye problem."I knew someone who accidentally poured super glue in their eyes, thinking she'd gotten Visine."

Trauma and Drama.

I am going to miss it.

More of Chad's quirks to come. Stay tuned.