I've never had a vehicle of mine be stolen. I've had a couple of pranks played on me--my keys were found and my car was moved--and that shook me to my core. So I can imagine what it would feel like if it really happened. By the way, that's not a particularly funny prank, just so you'll know.

Vehicle Theft Is No Laughing Matter

The National Insurance Crime Bureau wouldn't be laughing, either. They take vehicle theft very seriously and, among other things, report on it annually. The most recent update indicates a nationwide surge in the theft of full-size trucks.

Possibly referencing a viral TikTok challenge, the NICB indicates that high theft rates for sedans made by Kia, Honda, and Hyundai can probably be blamed on social media trends. Vehicles made by those companies are right behind the trucks in theft numbers.

The Most Stolen Vehicles in Kentucky

But the NICB doesn't just rank thefts nationally. The agency breaks it down state by state. And in Kentucky, full-size trucks are present on the list but do not dominate as they do in the national rankings. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from vehicle theft:

Remember, if you're vehicle is stolen, call the police immediately. You'd be surprised at the rapid rate of recovery if you get it reported as soon as possible. The NICB says 34% of vehicles are recovered in the same day, and 45% are found in two days.

And of course, you need to call your insurer with as many details as possible, no matter how minute.

With that, take a look at the ten most stolen vehicle models in Kentucky:

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Kentucky

These models are stolen more often than any other vehicle in Kentucky.

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