Just like much of America, I spent a good part of the weekend and end of last week watching basketball. And yes, my bracket is sadly down the drain. However I have been lucky enough to see some amazing games and game highlights.

Along with the games, I have seen some interesting team mascots. A lot from schools that you don’t hear about that often. So I decided to take a look at team mascots from around the country and bring you some of the most unusual college mascots I could find! So here they are (I also included pictures or video if available) :


(In Alphabetical order)

  • Artie the Fighting Artichoke of Scottsdale Community College


  • Big Red of Western Kentucky University
  • Boll Weevil of the University of Arkansas: Monticello
  • Captain Cane of University of Tulsa
  • Gorloks of Webster University
  • GeoDucks of Evergreen State College
  • Sammy the Banana Slug of the University of California: Santa Cruz
  • The Fighting Okra of Delta State University
Website for Fighting Pickle (http://www.uncsa.edu/pressreleases/releases2012/Aug2012/UNCSAFightingPickle.htm)
  • Ramblin’ Wreck of Georgia Tech
  • RoboDuck (test design mascot) of the University of Oregon
  • The Trolls of Trinity College
  • The Stanford Tree of Stanford University