I love MoviePass! It's convenient, it saves you a little money when you want snacks, and it's easy to use. That being said, the service which started up way back before all theater chains were using it, is making some changes that may not be idea for frequent users. 

As you may know, if you regularly use the service, their original unlimited plan allowed you to check into one movie per day. That basic option is going away.

Now, users will only be able to use up to four tickets or see four movies per month. Personally, I have no problem with it since I only go to the theater maybe once or twice a month. The company claims 88 percent of its users see fewer than two movies per month.

The other big change, new users who haven't signed up yet or have signed up after April 13th, will now be charged quarterly instead of monthly for the service and they'll be charged for three months up front. CEO Mitch Lowe says the unlimited plan may not return.

One more caveat of the new MoviePass, users won't be able to repeat view certain movies which have yet to be named. This isn't the best timing since there will be a plethora of summer blockbusters coming up in the next month. This may very well include the new opening weekend champ Avengers: Infinity War. I know one blockbuster I want to see that I bet will make the list, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which will land in theaters May 25th.

Will you drop your subscription or are you like me, you don't go to enough movies per month to worry about it?

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