I've traveled the backroads and the main roads of Kentucky a lot since I started driving. I've seen a lot of small towns as well as the big ones.

I've ALWAYS thought Kentucky has plenty of cool locales that would be great for location shooting.

And while there certainly could be more, Hollywood doesn't disagree with me...except for one occasion that stands out to me like a sore thumb. Were you a fan of the FX crime drama Justified? It ran from 2010 through 2015 and focused on a U.S. Marshal who had relocated from Miami to be the law of the land in eastern Kentucky...IN NAME ONLY. Not one time during that five-year turn did Justified EVER film in Kentucky. Pennsylvania (which CAN resemble Kentucky) and California (which never has nor ever WILL resemble Kentucky) were the primary shooting locations. Alas.

The films below were all partially filmed in Kentucky because THEIR producers knew the right thing to do.

13 Movies That Were Filmed in Kentucky

Kentucky hasn't gone ignored by Hollywood, with regards to the usage of filming locations. But there could always be more, right?

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