When I graduated high school and visited Murray State University, I knew there was something different about it. It wasn't just a college - it was home. You could leave your laundry in the dryer and come back to a freshly folded pile of laundry. And of course, you payed the gesture forward. Sound weird to have an unknown floor-mate fold your undies? Not in Murray, KY.

When I saw this story this morning, I teared up a little because I wasn't surprised in the least to see that it was young women attending Murray. It's the culture...

More than 250 girls started sorority recruitment week at MSU with 233 accepting an bid. One of those girls is a little different. Her name is Alexis Cain and she's the first female student at Murray State with Down syndrome. She accepted a bid to become an Alpha Sigma Alpha sister.

Of course when Alexis went to 'rush' or recruitment, her mom Camme Cain was nervous about someone making a comment about her disability but when she saw her daughter with the girls she cried, "Just knowing they accept her as a person and not her disability..." She went on to say "It was heartwarming. It's something you wish every child with a handicap or disability could experience."

And, the sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha of Murray State couldn't be happier to have Alexis. "The outward appearance and the brand of a sorority doesn't mater," Sarah Willmore says. "It's the values you hold true."

Alexis however, takes a lighter approach to her bid. "I think it's cool they have me as a sister!"

In any event, we wish Alexis and the Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters well and are glad to see they are repping Western Kentucky!


Alpha Sigma Alpha at Murray State University made history, when Alexis Cain joined their sisterhood. As the first member...

Posted by The Meredith Vieira Show on Monday, October 5, 2015

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