What a great date last night with Chase Rice... Riding around in an open-air truck, watching the water, hanging out with a great picnic dinner. We talked about anything and everything, gave each other a hard time about who-knows-what and laughed a lot. Yep, it was pretty much perfect.

Perfect until I woke up...

Hahaha! I have to just laugh at myself, y'all. This was all a dream. If you know me, you know that my dreams are crazy-vivid. I remember everything; outfits, smells, conversations. Yea, I get it, it's weird. But, my "dream" date with Chase last night was so much fun, I'll take the title of Dream Weirdo!
Check it out!

It all makes sense, thou... I, like every other woman in the country, watched the season finale of The Bachelorette last night. And, y'all know me, I'm a hopeless romantic, dang it! So, I was on a fairy tale high, plus, a few months ago, I made a list of country artists that should be The Bachelor. Remember that?!? I had Chase at the top of that list. Guess subconsciously, I just put the two together. Who knows, I ain't mad at it, hahaha!

Oh, I'm serious about counting the dream as my summer-date I promised myself I would go on. Man, what a reminder that my social-life could use a tune-up, ha!

And, Chase, just in case you're wanting to make this "dream" date a reality... I'll be in Nashville tomorrow night for work. Holla at cha girl, boo ;)


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