Let me begin this post by saying I do NOT have the flu, strep, or any of the other ailments that are in peak season right now and closing schools across the Tri-State. No, it was something much more simple which I will not disclose at this time. I, however, had never been to a quick care, walk-in clinic before. It was interesting and pain-free.

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I never leave home without hand sanitizer, which has served me well through many, many flu seasons. I found myself slathering it on a lot when I went in to the quick care, but I was trying my best to not be one of those people, a paranoid germaphobe. I think my ship has sailed, but nevertheless, I had to wait. At first, there were only a smattering of folks in the waiting area then all of a sudden, a couple of teenagers and their parents drifted in. Uh oh! I kept my cool and I decided to stand up to make room for said teens. A few minutes later, one of the teens dashed to a bathroom in the back. "Stay cool Erin!, you'll be called back soon."

I was called back and I did have to wait a little bit longer. What surprised me yet reassured me was how calm and collected the staff was. I saw three different ladies, a nurse, a nurse practitioner intern, and last, the real nurse practitioner. The nurse took my vitals, the intern listened to my lungs, and the nurse practitioner looked me over, diagnosed me, and prescribed some medicine. It was over. I walked back out to a full waiting area. Oh man.

Hand washing

My first quick care experience was good, what has yours been like? Or have you ever been to one? Stay healthy my friends!

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