Today is Earth Day and here at WBKR we're celebrating in a fun and unique way.  We're teaming up with Myro to encourage you to switch to a natural, sustainable deodorant.  Basically, we're concerned about your scent.  LOL!  Just how are you smelling these days?

Now, you may be asking yourself, "What in the heck is Myro?"  Well, I got ya!

A couple of weeks ago here on WBKR, we hosted a new contest called The Smeller's the Feller.  We asked hilarious questions about noses and unfortunate smells and gave away free Myro deodorant to all the winners.  Now, if that's not ringing a bell, I'll help you out even more.

Here's a look at what Myro is and how it works.  And, yes!  It's recyclable.

Now, here at WBKR, we have several different scents at our fingertips to share with you.  We have Solar Flare (Orange, Juniper and Sunflower), Chill Wave (Cucumber, Jasmine and Spearmint) and Pillow Talk (Violet Leaf, Ylang Ylang and Wild Amyris).

And, this is really the perfect deodorant to give away on Earth Day.  It's aluminum free and plant-based.  As Myro says, it's "pro-you and pro-planet."  Plus, the "keepable" case is refillable and the pods help cut down on plastic usage.  In fact, Myro claims to use 50% less plastic than other deodorants.

By the way, Myro is available locally at Meijer locations.  But, here on WBKR, like I mentioned, we're having a fun Earth Day giveaway because we're stocked up with a bunch of it.  For the record, Angel has been hoarding it in her office.  Ya'll have heard her say it before.  She sweats like a man.

If you'd like to try some Myro deodorant and do your armpits and the planet a favor, fill out the entry form below.  We're going to give away at least ten samples today!


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