Nashville Kat, The WBKR Waking Crew's favorite country music insider, has cooked up a big old mess of somethin'!  In fact, she has published her very first cookbook, The Happy Husband Cookbook.  And it's full of great recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!  I decided to give Kat a call and chat about her latest creation and find out which recipes in the book are her favorites and share with her the ones I can't wait to make (and devour like a savage animal on the Discovery Channel).

Take a listen!

I personally can't wait to throw on my "Kiss the Cook" apron (and, yes, I really have one and no you can't judge me!), get in the kitchen and start trying some of these recipes.  They sound DELICIOUS! 

If you want to get a copy of Nashville Kat's The Happy Husband Cookbook visit Tin Boot Publishing's website!  Each copy sells for $14.95 and promises lots of good eatin'!


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