It's National Plan Your Vacation Day!  Considering that the wind chill factor this morning was zero degrees and it's going to be even worse tomorrow morning (-25 anyone?), it's a great time to start thinking about summer vacations.  Mine is already planned.  Kevin and I have decided we're going to Bermuda!

Even though it's the "Shipwreck Capital of the World," we have decided to take a Norwegian Cruise to the island.  We're sailing from New York City and heading to Bermuda.  The cool thing about this particular cruise itinerary (and many that include Bermuda as a stop) is the fact that the cruise ship actually docks for a few days in a row and the ship becomes your hotel room on the island!

We'll be in Bermuda for three days, which gives us the opportunity to get out and explore.  That means . . . BEACH TIME!  Bermuda is world famous for its pink sand beaches.  And, if they look anything in person like they do in this video, I am never going to want to leave.

And, yes!  There are also plenty of places to cliff jump and I am all over it.

Happy National Plan Your Vacation Day!


With the high temperature on Wednesday forecast in the single digits, NOW is the time to think about tropical getaways.

So, hit us!  Where are YOU vacationing this year?

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