How many of you still have a VCR? If it's gone to that great scrap heap in the sky, how many of you still have old VCR tapes?

Remember when VCR's first went onto the market some 30 years ago? They were enormous and cost about $1000. I remember thinking we'd never have one because you'd have to be really rich to legitimately afford something so extravagant. And, now, if you run across one in a store--and that could be a big IF--they're likely only about $30-40.

Until about three years ago, I had one of those DVD/VCR combos. But it was also three years ago when I happened upon a new DVD recorder that had been mislabeled at $30. It was supposed to be $150. But the store admitted its mistake and sold it to me at the tagged price.


Goodbye DVD/VCR combo. And it was high time since the VCR part was the only part that recorded.

We still have a lot of family videos on VCR tape that we need to get converted to DVD's. But, what's funny is how dated it almost sounds to say DVD or DVD recorder.

Many people I know have DVR's and, yes, that sounds incredibly convenient. I just don't want to fall into the trap of recording everything under the sun and then feeling compelled to watch it.

A friend of my sister's records about 80 hours of television a week. Can't imagine. But, who knows, I'll probably end up moving into the DVR world at some point. I always come late to the technology game.

But I usually show up.