I don't how it happened, but "March Madness" snuck up on me this year. This week, I received at least three email invitations and one Facebook message to get in on an NCAA pool. The good thing about joining an online pool is, you usually don't have to make a monetary investment and you can win some sweet prizes, including money. But isn't spending money to make money the honorable thing to do? I fall for it everytime.

I always go into the NCAA Tournament with a positive yet ambivolent attitude. Instinct almost always fails me when it comes to filling out my various brackets. So although the brackets are not ready yet, here's some helpful, but maybe harmful tips when you go to fill one out:

DON'T ALWAYS PICK A NUMBER ONE SEED TO GO ALL THE WAY. The NCAA Selection Commitee will fool you by letting you think the four no. 1 seeds will end up in the Final Four. Almost every year, one region will sacrifice that coveted, over-hyped team to end up in the finals. Prime example, last year's Southwest Regional winner, 11th seeded VCU. They took down no. 1 seed Kansas in the regional final, and guess what? Kansas may or may not be seeded no. 1 again this year. In fact, none of last year's no. 1 seeds made the Final Four. However, this year will be much different. I'm predicting as of this writing, not only will Kentucky capture the overall number one seed in the tournament, they will go to the Final Four and heck, they may win it all. Just be careful.

IF YOU LIKE A TEAM, GO AHEAD AND ADVANCE THEM A ROUND. But, don't be like me and think your favorite team, mine as you know is Louisville, will win their first round game. Thanks Morehead State. And as jubilant as I am Western Kentucky is back in the big dance, they will more than likely have to play-in to go on. Don't be afraid to go with your gut, it might pay off.

WHAT ABOUT MURRAY STATE? I'm conflicted on the Racers. Like Kentucky, Murray St. went all year just losing one game, however, they probably won't be seeded any higher than maybe 8th in the big dance, which creates the scenario I dread every year, the #8/#9 match-up. Here's where the NCAA Commitee becomes evil, how do they expect us to choose a clear winner in that game? I have faith Murray St. can win at least one game and maybe more, it just depends where they end up.

So there you go. I'm no Joe Lunardi, but hopefully you won't be left out in the cold when tomorrow's brackets are released. Good Luck!