I have never been one to sleep in the great outdoors. The only camping I ever did growing up was in my backyard with some neighborhood friends. Don't get me wrong, I've stayed in some rustic places, like one with friends with bunk beds and zero air conditioning, whew!

I've read about the extreme treehouses located in the Red River Gorge area in eastern Kentucky, and I think "yeah, that's more my speed". I mean, it's off the ground, that's a plus right there. The Canopy Crew, they designed and built the first treehouses have a new addition, the Cliff Dweller.

Take a look:

The Cliff Dweller is literally bolted to a sandstone cliff. It has two structures, one that houses a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The master bedroom is up a spiral staircase to the second structure that has a massive window to take it all in. The adventure continues because visitors can get on the roof on top of the master bedroom and "touch the stone shelf from which it hangs" Okay, that sounds a little risky, nonetheless, I'd absolutely do it.

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I take that back, the real adventure begins as you travel the 177 steps on a floating staircase to reach the Cliff Dweller. They recommend you pack light, as in use backpacks instead of suitcases.

The amenities, there are two queen beds, so it sleeps, four people. It is heated and cooled, has an electric range stove and a mini-fridge. I am all about this, what about you?

If you're interested in the Cliff Dweller and any of the treehouses at Red River Gorge, go HERE.


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