A new Senate Bill has just gone into effect in Kentucky requiring some Commonwealth residents to possess a permit for hunting and fishing on their own property.

Kentucky Senate Bill 241

Kentucky Bill 241 will give the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife the authority to obtain a permanent public access easement for the C.F. Ataya Wildlife Management Area, a more than 54,000-acre property located in Bell, Knox, and Leslie counties. According to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, the easement will allow public access to "enjoy elk, deer, bear, ruffed grouse, bobwhite quail, songbirds and other wildlife." 

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Enacted as an "Emergency"

Because the bill was enacted as an emergency, it goes into effect immediately. However, aside from the permanent easement, the bill also includes a provision that makes it illegal for some landowners to hunt or fish on their own property without a state-issued permit.

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Some Landowners Now Need a License to Hunt or Fish on Their Own Properties


Since the bill has already become law, landowners can now be issued a citation if they are found hunting or fishing without a proper license, even on their own property, if that property is smaller than 5 acres. According to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife,

  • Kentucky resident owners of farmlands of less than 5 acres, their spouses and their dependent children must buy applicable licenses and permits in order to hunt or fish on their farmlands.
  • Tenants, their spouses and their dependent children also must buy applicable licenses and permits in order to hunt or fish on farmlands of less than 5 acres where they reside and work.

To read more about these changes, and others made by Bill 241, visit FW.KY.gov.

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