I've written about Buc-ee's multiple times and lived vicariously through those who visited, took lots of pictures, and returned with rave reviews.

But when it comes to Buc-ee's, living vicariously just doesn't cut the mustard. You have to visit to get it. We visited. I got it. As a longtime fan of roadside travel centers (think Huck's, Pilot, or Stuckey's back in the day), I, too, have high praise for the Texas-based phenomenon. We visited the Buc-ee's in Richmond after a trip to Lexington. Thankfully, the next one that will open in Kentucky will be much closer to my front door.

Yes, May 2024 is the target month for the opening of the new Buc-ee's in Smith's Grove KY, just up Interstate 65 from Bowling Green. Smith's Grove will be the smallest town yet where Buc-ee's sets up shop. And now that the sign has gone up, excitement will be at a fever pitch. I have no doubt the grand opening will look something like this:

How Does Buc-ee's Choose Its Locations?

As Buc-ee's mania continues to sweep across Kentucky--a third location in Oak Grove KY is also planned--you might wonder how these locations in the Commonwealth were chosen. Buc-ee's general counsel, Jeff Nadalo, told Community Playmaker that the company looks for areas with a high volume of traffic passing through. Interstate 65 in the Bowling Green/Mammoth Cave region certainly qualifies. He added that jurisdictions that are friendly and welcoming to new business are also a factor, as well as areas with a strong workforce.

It's safe to say that if Buc-ee's shows up in your neck of the woods, you've been paid a high compliment.

In the meantime, we anxiously await the opening of Kentucky's second Buc-ee's. I've already got that day cleared, whenever it is.

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