Good Lord. I'm trying to write about Hannah Adams' new online bakery, Fairweather Bakery, and I keep getting distracted by those Lemon Loco Sammies and that Across the Pond Earl Grey Bundt with Lavender Glaze.

Welcome to Owensboro,

And welcome BACK, Hannah, who just returned to the city after living in Louisville for 11 years.

Having gone to school for baking and pastry, Hannah was ready to make it lucrative and now she is off and running. As she says, "I have always thrived on risks and adventure, and there's been this voice screaming at me to make a move and take a chance."

Hannah bakes out of her home while working full time, raising two small children and rehearsing for a musical (!) three nights a week. (TWO's production of Something Afoot, in case you were wondering.)

As for Fairweather Bakery, the site literally opened THIS morning and they've already begun taking orders, which they will do throughout the week. They ask for a two-day notice for orders, which will be delivered Friday nights, Saturday mornings and afternoons, and on Sunday mornings and evenings.

As for her menu, Hannah says, "I am trying to focus on simple and strong flavors that are found in nature, and also want to use as much locally produced ingredients as possible."

"I always promised myself that if and when I had a business of my own, I would be one that supports and nurtures and encourages other local entrepreneurs and businesses."

Hannah looks forward to bringing more "funk" to Owensboro.

"More small businesses, more flavor."

More flavor indeed. Hannah's menu includes sections for Fairweather Sammies, pocket pies, baby bundts, and cookies.

Hannah Adams...happy to be a new member of the local food scene and looking forward to making some "Fairweather friends."

The good kind.

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