More new business is coming to the east side and, in particular, East Parrish Avenue. If there is an empty space on that road, always count on it to be filled at some point.

I was driving out that way, the other day, when I noticed construction vehicles next to the new Shogun.

It was raining and nobody was working so I came back the next day and learned that Owensboro is getting a new shopping center.

(Yeah, I know it's a "strip mall," but I've actually never been a fan of that term, even if there isn't a better one.)

Yep, a new shopping center called...The Owensboro Shopping Center.

I'm not sure how big it eventually will be, but, then again, I wasn't sure how big Gateway Commons could be until I went up on that hill and saw JUST how much space there is up there.

So, yeah, The Owensboro Shopping Center is on its way and it already has a business committed to opening there.

It's called McAlister's Deli. And what I knew about McAlister's Deli when I heard it was coming to town you could fit in a thimble and STILL have room for your thumb.

But, there are two of them in Evansville and, from what I understand after asking around, they're pretty popular.

Naturally, the menu features sandwiches, but there are also salads, soups, sides, desserts, and giant spuds.

So a big, hearty, giant-spudlike WELCOME to McAlister's Deli. AND to all the other businesses that will fill up the all-new Owensboro Shopping Center.


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