I'm a HUGE fan of chips and salsa. And my go-to chips for that particular pleasure are Tostitos. Well, now, Tostitos can do WAAAAYYYY more than just satisfy my random hunger.

I heard about this and thought it was ridiculous--that someone, for some reason, was making it up.


These bags can tell how drunk you are so you don't get behind the wheel and if you need a ride home, they can call Uber for you.

Now, we don't have Uber in Owensboro, so if you come across one of these new bags here in town, you'll just have to settle for letting them tell you how loaded you are.

Technology is amazing.

And, honestly, if this saves lives, let's have more.

You see, these aren't going to be in stores. Pepsi, which owns Frito-Lay, is giving these bags--about 1000 of them--away.

It's a campaign in conjunction with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

Take a look and see how it works:



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